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Mw. mr. M.C.M. van der Mark

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Law firm Invictus Advocatuur is established by Monique van der Mark, Attorney at Law. She obtained her Law degree (Masters) at Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1983. Before starting her own law firm, Monique van der Mark worked for two other law firms.

Her areas of expertise are in Asylum and Migration law. There are different type of procedures involving residency in The Netherlands, e.g. Asylum, family reunifications, permanent residency , refusal of visa, or residency for medical treatment. Applicants whose situation does not come under a specific purpose of stay may qualify for immigration on humanitarian grounds. These procedures are very complex, whereby advice and help from a qualified lawyer is essential.

Initial consultation takes about 30 minutes and is free of charge. During this consultation the firm will check if you are eligible for legal aid. This depends on your income you earned two years ago. If you had no or little income the government will pay the fee or depending on your income, most of the fee. The philosophy of Invictus Advocatuur is that financial means cannot be a reason to not be able to appeal against a decision of the Government.

Because of her up-to-date knowledge in these areas of expertise, Monique van der Mark is able to provide you with strategic advice and effective solutions.


Law Firm Invictus Advocatuur associations:

SVMA – Dutch Immigration Lawyers Association
VAJN– Dutch Refugee lawyers Association
WRV – Legal aid in alien affairs working group
WRV – Legal aid for refugees working group


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